Covid-19 in Tulum or Covid-19 in Ascension Bay

Is there Coronavirus or Covid-19 in Ascension Bay, or in Tulum or Covid-19 in Punta Allen? 

I am sure many of you have this question and maybe you have been checking the news to read about the latest updates. 

Or maybe you are already checking flight options and your calendar to plan your next fly fishing trip to Ascension Bay after this surreal lockdown. But still you have the question if it is now safe enough to go fishing in Ascension Bay or to go fly fishing in Mexico in general. Well,  specifically I will only talk about Covid-19 or Coronavirus in Punta Allen, Covid-19 in Tulum and Covid-19 in Ascension Bay. 

So far, until this day the government of Tulum has been reporting very little Covid-19 cases in Tulum and zero cases in Punta Allen. Yes, you read this correctly,  zero, there are no Covid 19 cases in Punta Allen or in Ascension Bay.  The local population in Punta Allen has been taking the measures and instructions to prevent the arrival of the virus to the community. All the local inhabitants have been taking this very seriously, they are working daily in groups to control the access to the community and take the necessary preventive measures.

But you may be asking yourself, when can you book your flight to Cancun and take your fly fishing tackle with you and go fly fishing in the pristine waters of Ascension Bay. Well, the government in Cancun is suggesting that some hotels and airlines may start operating already in the first weeks of June. All the dynamics will also depend on the new measures taken by each country, and each airline in your area.

As all the information from the Cancun government is not yet clear and decisive it may push the operations forward from all the different tour operators and tourism activities. This means everything should be up and running until the month of July. So, our advice will be to wait until half June to check how the situation of Covid-19 has been improving in the area of Cancun and surroundings to take a decision and be able to book your flight to Cancun.

Victor’s Fly Fishing Club will be here to take you fly fishing with the best fishing guides in Ascension Bay as soon as all the green light has been given. For more information regarding this matter or if you have specific questions regarding Covid-19 in Ascension Bay or Covid-19 in Punta Allen please feel free to contact us

We are very positive that very soon all this Covid-19 situation around the world will improve and we all are going to be able to move around more freely, and of course taking all the necessary health and preventive measures.

Take care and stay safe and healthy! 

Victor’s Fly Fishing Club
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