Is MacabiMarch.com the same as VictorsFlyFishingClub.com?

Well, yes and no. The team behind VictorsFlyFishingClub.com is the same as that of MacabiMarch.com. We have changed the name and the corporate image in order to closely represent the product that we offer.

Who is Victor Barrera or Captain Victor? is he going to be my host?

Victor Barrera is the owner of Victor’s Fly Fishing Club and has almost 20 years of Fly Fishing experience. Victor is passionate about Fly Fishing and looks forward to being your host.

Where will I be fishing?

The fishing trips take place in one of the most amazing and hidden fishing gems of the Caribbean: Ascension Bay Mexico, located inside the magnificent Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, located in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula. Driving from Tulum town through the reserve you will arrive to a typical colonial and colorful fisherman village named Punta Allen where you will be welcomed by your host Captain and Master Guide Victor Barrera.

How do I arrive to Punta Allen by car?

From Cancun (airport), you can take the road South in the direction of Playa del Carmen arriving to Tulum. When arriving in Tulum at the first crossroads take a left turn towards the Tulum hotel zone. When arriving at the road junction of the Tulum hotel zone take the road to the right. Following this road down South for about 50 km you will arrive in Punta Allen. With your reservation confirmation we will send you detailed driving instructions to arrive to Punta Allen.

Can transportation be arranged for me and or our group? How does it work?

Yes, transportation can be arranged to and from Punta Allen. This can for example be from Cancun Airport to Punta Allen and from Punta Allen to Cancun Airport. Prices vary per group and per pick up location.

Do I need to bring my own fishing gear and flies or is it included?

The package does not include fishing gear. It is however possible to rent fishing gear. Please indicate in your reservation if you would like to rent the fishing gear.

What should I bring with me for the fishing trips?

For your trip you should bring your fishing gear, comfortable (fishing) clothing, sun block, sun glasses and any other items that you will use when you will not be fishing.

Which type of fishes can be found in the Ascension Bay Area?

During the fishing trip on the world-class flats of the Ascension Bay in Sian Ka’an you can expect to catch Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Barracuda and Snook.

Where will I be sleeping during my fishing trip?

You will either be staying in a comfortable lodge in Punta Allen or in a hotel just outside Punta Allen. Where you will be staying depends on the size of your group.

Is there Internet connectivity?

In Punta Allen there is very limited Internet connectivity. There are however a few local Internet cafes that offer you the possibility to go online. The speed and connectivity in Punta Allen are not always at it’s best.

Is it possible to make telephone / long distance calls?

It is possible to make phone calls from Punta Allen. Telephone calls are however not included in the package. All telephone lines in Punta Allen are mobile telephone lines and long distance calls are relatively expensive. The approximate cost per minute for long distance calls is $25 Mexican Pesos.

Which payment options are available?

It is possible to pay for your trip in cash, through a bank transfer and through PayPal. With PayPal there is an extra charge of 4.5%(this is a charge we receive from PayPal). Gratuities for the staff can be paid using cash. Payment details will be send with the confirmation of your reservation.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

It is currently not possible to pay with credit card. It is however possible to pay with credit card using your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account yet you can sign up for one here www.paypal.com, using your email address. With PayPal there is an extra charge of 4.5%(this is a charge we receive from PayPal).

Is the Travel Insurance included?

Travel Insurance is not included in the reservation. We do strongly recommend buying a travel insurance for your trip.